8 October 2014

Investigation and Analyses of the main Marketing Activities of the Rugby Football League

The competition within the leisure entertainment market has grown noticeable over the last years. All kind of providers are competing against a flood of different leisure suppliers. The same situation is true for sports clubs, which have to contend for money and time of the customers against other sports clubs, theatres, cinemas and so forth. In the case of sports clubs the customers as spectators take special positions because they are simultaneously necessary to create the atmosphere at the grounds, which is part of the sport product. This situation, together with the fact that spectators are responsible for a huge revenue amount, makes the marketing of their product crucial for sports teams and clubs, because marketing means attracting customers.

The paper you can download using the link below investigates and analyses the main marketing activities of the Rugby Football League (RFL), which is the governing body for Rugby League football in Britain and Ireland, in order to identify its current situation and possible issues. Passage four of the work explains the marketing mix using the example of the Leeds Rhinos, which is one of the most successful teams in the Super League (SL), the highest Rugby League club competition in Europe, administered by the RFL.  

Key aspects of this paper are among others:
  • The orientation of sports
  • Environmental issues affecting sport clubs (macro and micro)
  • Competitive advantage in sports
  • The 7 Ps of the marketing mix of the Leeds Rhinos

     The attached paper was submitted to Coventry University in November 2013 as part of the assessment requirements. Please feel free to download this work for future references.

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